Forever Almighty FW23 Campaign 

The latest project I directed for the upcoming collection for my brand, Forever Almighty. I shot this video at an indoor skatepark with my partner & my friend Jules. The goal was to capture them naturally vibing in the skatepark as well as experiment with some new camera angles and POVs. 

"Summer Reflections" - Forever Almighty

Introducing "Summer Reflections" - my latest film project shot in Puerto Rico with my partner. 

 Embracing a 70s style and Diana Ross inspiration, we captured it in a retro home, complementing the summer collection I designed. The vintage elements breathed life into the vision for these tank tops. 

Additionally, I unveiled a mini concrete sculpture featuring our logo. Shot on 4k & VHS cameras. Check out more on Instagram. 

 Directed by @zionatl for @foreveralmighty

Almighty Zion - 2022 Film Director Reel

With the end of the year approaching, I wanted to create a highlight of all the projects I directed this year. Every video directed and edited by me. Equipment used this year - 35mm film cameras, VHS & Mini DV, Super 8, black magic & other 4k cameras. 

"In my mind" - Forever Almighty "Project FA" Studio Film - Full BTS

Here is the full behind the scenes video for the "Project FA" studio shoot. We loaded everything up the night before and was on set the next morning at 11am. The purpose of this film is to show everything it took to produce this film from set up to actually shooting the video.

Directed by Almighty Zion (@ZionAtl)

"Project FA" Studio Film - Forever Almighty ™

A fashion film for the Forever Almighty "Project FA" fall collection. This shoot was the most advanced project I have directed as I had to set up 8 functional CRT tvs to display what the model is wearing. 1 camera connected to 4 tvs on one side to display the back and 1 camera connected to another 4 tvs to display the front. 

Directed and edited by Almighty Zion. Full credits on YouTube 

"Posters at midnight"- Forever Almighty ™ 

Went around Atlanta putting up posters for the new Forever Almighty Fall 2022 commercial. I chose the "ready to feel almighty" quote because it sparks interest into what the poster is advertising. Documented by Amora and Zion, with help from Bryce. 

"Get some time together"- Forever Almighty ™

Almighty Zion presents : "Get some time together" - the essential commercial for the Forever Almighty summer '22 collection. This was definitely one of the most detailed and thought out films to date for the brand.

Shot on 4k with a mix of VHS for the flashback shots. I wanted it to look like a home movie / true connection between the two models.

Directed by Almighty Zion (@ZionAtl)

"Moods" - Forever Almighty™

Live from Atlanta, Forever Almighty presents "Moods",  a commercial for the Spring 2022 collection. A film by Almighty Zion, under Forever Almighty. 

Shot on 4k & color graded for a specific look.

"Beach Days" - Forever Almighty™

I took a trip to Point Dume in Malibu, California to film with my friend Maya for the Forever Almighty Spring '22 collection. Shot on 4k and VHS footage. 

Shot on 4k with a mix of VHS to really capture the beach views on different media formats.

Directed by Almighty Zion (@ZionAtl)

"Mountain Views" - Forever Almighty™ 

My friend Jax and I traveled to a small mountain range outside of Los Angeles to film for the Forever Almighty Spring T shirt release.

Shot on 4k with a mix of VHS to really capture the mountain views on different media formats.

Directed by Almighty Zion (@ZionAtl)

"Cali views on super 8" - Forever Almighty™

Traveled to Los Angeles to film the debut commercial for Forever Almighty Spring 2022 T shirt release. 

Shot on a super 8 camera for a nostalgic feeling in the film.

Directed by Almighty Zion (@ZionAtl)

"Los Angeles on super 8 part 1"

Took a trip around Los Angeles with my friends and documented everything on Super 8. From Hollywood Hills to Sunken City, LA. 

Filmed on a super 8 camera.

Directed by Almighty Zion (@ZionAtl)

Almighty Zion magazine promo video

This video is a brief showcase of the magazine I created which contains highlights of my most popular VHS videos and film photos. Since I used stills from the actual videos, I just edited the specific scenes to play while I flip through the magazine.

Shot and edited by Almighty Zion.

"4K" - Almighty Zion

DiorVsYou and Almighty Zion present : "4K" by DiorVsYou. We shot this video at a courtyard at a hotel, some scenes inside the actual room and inside of my car. Additional shots from the hotel hallway are by Alex Almighty.

Shot on 4k with a mix of VHS to add detail within each scene in the video.

Directed by Almighty Zion (@ZionAtl)

"Almighty skate video" - Forever Almighty™

A promo video for the Forever Almighty "Faces" skate decks that released October 2021. 

Shot on a VHS camera to maintain the raw skating look.

Directed by Almighty Zion (@ZionAtl)

"To the top" - Forever Almighty™

"To the top" was the intro film for Forever Almighty. This video follows Zion going through the MARTA to the skatepark. "To the top" hoodies released along with this film. 

Shot on a 4k camera with a mix of VHS to add to the detail of this film.

Directed by Almighty Zion (@ZionAtl)

"Winter coat commercial" - Forever Almighty™

Commercial for Forever Almighty "Synth" coats released December 2021. A film by Almighty Zion.

Shot on a 4k camera.


Went to Blue Ridge mountains with GERM to work on the video for his song "How I does it" from his latest album. Ayden shot the drone / aerial footage, Sebastian helped with the edits and I shot the video on 4k and VHS. 

Directed by Almighty Zion

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